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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2010 at 5:15am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: 3 Days Grace
Subject: Love Love Love
Rule #8 - Don't ever show your current lover your journal, or at least give her access to read it, as it will only cause chaos :) - that being said, I do not have anything to hide, and Liz does read my journal, after all it is public. This journal is what now? 7 or 8 years old? hah, that is a long time, and all I wanted was a place to type out my thoughts and actions. Ive said a lot of things in my time, and will say a lot more as the days go on and as I grow older. But how does one person, naming me, convince to someone how much they truely love them and are devoted to them? Its impossible, the only way it can be done is that other person accepts the fact. People are animals, we are here to basically reproduce and let the human population grow and survive. Love only complacates things! Why can't we all just find a mate, do the dirty, sprout a child, and rejoice! giggle giggle. No, God had other plans. Falling in love is a huge feat for anyone, and when you do find your soulmate per say, you spend your life trying to make things work no matter what. You do anything possible to keep that love alive. Its also hard to try to explain the "levels" of love for another human. I can't even put it into words really. But you can love someone only on a friend level, or you can love someone in a romantic passionate way, or you can love someone as a fiery infatuation sex fest 1 on 1 fuckie suckie type of love. However, and whoever you choose to love isn't controled by a person. Its what they feel inside. Some hot hot hot lady could fall in total passionate love with an ugly ugly ugly man. And us as humans say, what the fuck is going on there, dude must have a dong like an elephant! but really, they just have that special sorta love, that nothing can every stop. Thats the true feelings that everyone strives for, sometimes people think they found it, end up getting married, then end up getting a divorce because they are wrong. Thats another whole topic alone! How are you 100% sure you have found the right person? Honestly, no one can. If it was possible, then there would be no such thing as divorce or split ups or blah blah blah because everyone would be happy all the time. But sometimes, on that rare day, people do actually find the one for them. I can't describ the feelings you feel when you find that person, but its like you would do anything for them, no matter what, put your own life on the line for theres. I myself, don't believe in divorce, so when I found that special someone, which I have, I refuse to let go. No Matter What - I refuse. "I would give her my lung" if I had to do so. Theres only maybe a handful of people I would sacifice my own life for, and she is one of them. "Take a bullet for me!" - Fuck You Jew, Im running the other way! - hence why Im not a secret agent for the CIA, cause I surely aren't taking a bullet for the president, no way no how. Let him cover his own ass. But the point of the story today is kids. That when and if you ever do find that special someone, hold on to them, never let go, never surrender. And there is one minor sidenote - sometimes, even if you think you found that person, that person might not have the same feelings for you, afterall, it takes two to tango baby. Everyone does have their own opinions on this matter, but this is what Ive learned and this is what I believe, so take my two cents and think about it. Dance Party
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