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dabestyougot69 (profile) wrote,
on 1-20-2010 at 4:57pm
Current mood: cold
Music: Cardigan Weather-Meg & Dia
Subject: Journalsss
It's taken me a great part of the day, but I've managed to read and delete all my past journal entries.
God...Reading them makes me hate myself, and give mad props to those who chose to stick around.
I was a disgusting creature.
Super attention craving, addicted to everything, everyone, I fed off of my own illness to be more sick.
And so, now comes the regret
Sorry to all of you who won't read this and who knew me back in '03-'06.
I was a wreck. and an awful one at that.
An awful wreck.

So...I'm sorry. I hope my sorrow reaches all of you who I don't talk to anymore...And I hope you feel it and recognize it well.

I can't stop thinking about you today.
Reading my journal entries makes it even worse.
So...To You especially, I am sorry.
I feel like I'm losing you again.
And it sucks.

Listening to an old song I used to love made me...hurt.

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