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dabestyougot69 (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2010 at 1:55am
Current mood: awake
Music: Dinner @ The money table-TEN
Subject: Sleep Deprivation
Hahha. Well...My plans to wake up at eleven slowly came to a fail and I woke up at two instead...And now I am fully awake and missing the boy who makes my heart soar.

I woke up hella dehydrated. And I want someone to lay with. And if I go back to sleep, I hope to wake up at four so I can get ready for work and whatknot.
it feels good to have money.
And it feels better to have someone who knows me inside and out and desires what I do.

Dear nonboyfriendbutweactlikeit: I love you. :D
And you're lucky I'm feeling pretty nice, or you'd be getting a call from me right about now... O_o
I wish I could call you...ahh I am so lonely.

Oh well.
When we talk, it will be better.
Even though I have crappy work all day. Lol
Lose-lose situation..
But I still love you
and you still love me.
So its kinda a win-win.
Or...they even it's a normal-normal...
my brain is off.
And I don't want to turn it back on.
And my eyes hurt
And TEN is singing to me about disappointments.

I'd kill to hear your voice.
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