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wasteland (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2010 at 8:28pm
Current mood: blah
Subject: Obsessed, WonderCon
So I went to WonderCon today. I wish I get to stay longer. Something stupid I did. I missed out on the Prince of Persia panel because I went to A Nightmare On Elm Street ticketed drawing, but I won. I could go and get that signed item at 1:45pm, but Resident Evil panel happens at the same time. I went to the Resident Evil panel, and thought maybe I could go get that signed item later. But they already close. I went at 2:22pm, and the guy said it was right at 1:45pm. I shouldn't have went to the Resident Evil panel. I wanted that signed item. Oh well. At least this taught me something. I can't be late for anything. That's the thing with me. I tend to want things to go my way, but the world doesn't revolve around me. I thought, since I had the bracelet, it might still be there for me. Better luck next time.

What I really want in life is freedom. I want a free will to do whatever I want. I don't ask much. I just want to enjoy entertainment. I sound childish, but obsessed people understand me. I think I'm way too obsessed with movies. I have to be honest. I'm obsessed with entertainment way too much. Imagine if I had my own place. What will it be like? Filled with movies, music, posters, props, snacks, candies, desserts and toys!
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