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squallet (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2010 at 6:41pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: "Futatsu No Kodou To Akai Tsumi" by ON/OFF
Subject: Hooray! I finally have a moment to breathe!
Hullo journal. Long time no see!

So, I feel like making an entry, purely because I found something rather amusing a minute ago.

Is it bad when you date someone for over a year, and yet you can't really remember any of it? Honestly, the only thing I can really remember about dating Jim was a lot of arguing. Let's face it, we were NEVER compatible. xD

Dating Michael on the other hand, well, I'm just so much happier. He's my lover and my best friend all wrapped up into one. The best part is that we don't really fight with each other much, we just bitch a lot. It's so drastically different from where I was a year ago!

Despite Michael's undeniable awesomeness, I've been a tad bit more depressed lately than usual. I'd like to think it's because of always being busy with school and a crappy job.

Tomorrow's my last final, and it's going to be extremely easy, so my mind is pretty much already in summer mode. After being done with today, I can already tell that I'm so much more relaxed and happy. In fact, after I post this, I'll probably take a nap. XD

So in the past few days, I've lost almost ten pounds, purely because I've actually been too busy to really eat much of anything. Even today I haven't touched one bite of food, and despite my stomach's constant growls, I think I'm just going to get some rest instead of eating, even if I am extremely hungry.

Sigh. I don't want to end up anorexic, but it just seems like if I even look at food, I keep weight on. Since summer's starting this week, I plan on definitely putting more time into working out.

I've pretty much stopped eating out and for the most part I just try to buy healthy-ish foods that I can prepare easily. I don't have my own kitchen, so when I actually get to use it, I have to make whatever I'm making quick. >.>

I really need to start shopping at Wal-Mart first though instead of just getting everything from Giant Eagle. Wal-Mart definitely has better prices. Just buying stuff for a spaghetti dinner, salad stuff for the week, and a few other things was almost $40. Sigh. I need a better job. Minimum wage isn't going to be good enough forever. >>;

On another topic, just less than a month until Colossal Con at Kalahari water resort! Woot! I can't freakin' wait!! A whole nerdy weekend getaway with my hubby to celebrate the beginning of summer! It'll be great to just get to relax and enjoy some nerdishness with him. We haven't really had time to do anything fun lately. Trust me, this is the closest to a luxury cruise that I'll probably ever get. XD

4 days til payday... I really want to go shopping... I want to get more groceries and I really feel the urge to buy myself something cute... I need a female friend to hang out with. I don't seem to have any of those lately. Jenny needs to freakin' get back up to Ohio. :3

On a random side note, I miss my long hair today. :<

Well, I've vented enough for now, and I'm feeling hungry/tired, so I'm off to get that nap. :P

~ Squallet
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