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shaboozuunoid (profile) wrote,
on 7-20-2010 at 9:29am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: song of lugia
Subject: Rainy Days
A rainy day. A rainy night.
Canít make it stop try as I might.
But itís okay. I like the rain.
Helps me to cope with sorrow and pain.
At times itís soft. At times itís hard.
At times it tells me to lower my guard.
A lightning bolt. A thunder crash.
A wind that seems to make rain dash.
The sky is black. The waters roar.
At times like this my heart will soar.
Is life my friend? Is life my foe?
Itís times like this I have to know.
It may be hard. Well I donít mind.
The rain is proof that life is kind.
The cold, cold rain. A sunny shower.
I welcome rain at any hour.
Turn it to snow. Turn it to ice.
Eventually it ends up nice.
The winds die down. The floods will cease.
The sun will put my heart at ease.
The clouds will part. The sun will shine.
And in the end it will be fine.
For youíre my sister. Bottom line.

-Pam '_^
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