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HyruleanHero1988 (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2010 at 9:28am
Current mood: amused
Subject: Lucid Dreaming
I had some sort of anime open on my computer screen. I felt like I had something else to do so I paused the anime and turned my computer screen off, but it wouldn't turn off, it just dimmed. I was confused, and wondered to myself, "Is this some sort of weird image burn in?" I tried to turn if off again, but the image still wouldn't go away. It then started twisting into horrifying demonic terrible images, and I became terrified, ran to the corner of my room, and started blinking my eyes rapidly in an attempt to wake up. I was repeating to myself in my head, "It's just a dream! It's just a dream!" and that's when it hit me. It is just a dream. So, I walked back over to my computer, pushed the power button and made a "Blip" noise with my mouth. It turned off like an old TV screen, because I thought it would be funny. You know, with a white line fading into a tiny dot. Then I sat at my desk, and just looked at things for a bit. Some of the old figurines that I used to keep on my desk were there, but I didn't realize they were out of place. I looked at them very closely, marveling at my own attention to detail. I looked very closely at one of them, and there was dust on the top of it's head. This really made me question if I were still dreaming. I blew it off, and watched a tiny puff of dust move away. I thought, this had to be real. Maybe I had fell asleep at my computer desk, and was jolted awake by the nightmare? I got up and looked out the window. Perfectly normal day. All details normal. I was certain I was awake. Then I see a big, blue and white umbrella coming down the side walk. The person carrying it comes into view. A woman in a pale yellow dress, in a pose like someone lying on their bed, on their side, and she was hovering down the street. I grinned to myself. "Oh yeah, you're most certainly still dreaming..." I pressed my face to the window, and forced my way through, slowly. At first it was slow going, and it got hard when I got past my torso. I couldn't get my legs out, but I thought, it's ok, I'll just try flying now. I flew up, but I ended up back in my room somehow and I hit my head on my ceiling. Didn't matter, I knew it was a dream now, and I make the rules. I forced myself through solid wall, something I'd never done before, and I was outside, hovering a few feet above the ground. I started flying up, but I kept being oddly attracted to my apartment building, as if by some kind of magnetic force. I put my legs on it and kicked off, and I was truly flying. The odd thing about the dream is that ever since I noticed it was a dream, all the sounds were my own vocal sound effects, such as turning the screen off with a "Blip". Now that I was flying, I was making a "Whoosh!" noise, and the louder I did it, the higher I would fly. I made what I thought was a super man pose, but I had trouble remembering exactly what he did, and I started flying up. I realized I was headed straight for the power lines, so I tried to make myself fly in between them. I hit one, so I grabbed it and released it like a rubber band with a "THWAP!" As I flew above them, I thought to myself, "You can't hurt me. This it my dream." and I smirked. As I flew higher, more of the scenery came into view. It wasn't Tech. It looked like some sort of suburban small town. I flew higher, and I saw a sprawling graveyard to my right. It creeped me out, but I didn't care, because this was my dream, and I was in control, and I was flying. I saw a plane go by, and it passed close to me over head. I turned around really fast, experiencing many G's in the process, and flew right through the plane as fast as I could. I made a "POW!" noise when I went through it, and then it exploded. This was when my alarm clock went off and ruined the most fun I've had in a long time...
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