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theedgeofyouratmosphere (profile) wrote,
on 11-16-2010 at 8:45pm
Current mood: angry
Subject: rant...
JUST RANTING AND PUTTING IT OUT THERE! --I hate when a certain someone plays the "Worlds GREATEST Dad" role, when you only show your kid off for show if you're going somewhere or have company.. And usually when its your turn to spend time with her, you don't spend any time with her what-so-ever.. the girlfriend has her the majority of the time for various reasons such as work or you're sleeping, then when the gf isn't there you call me acting like a lunatic because you can't "handle" her, whats there to handle? shes your daughter too!! Doesn't give you an excuse to be mean to her either! she tells people!!! but boy oh boy, when an event comes up and you need to play house and dress up you're the first flipping person to fight for her, aren't ya? Then I get shit thrown in my face when your mad because I left your stupid ass and you chose not to see her, you rather of went to the bar and did whatever else you were doing, when I know, you know and the good Lord knows I tried to set up visitations but you chose other shit AND people know I tried!.. EVEN WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER YOU SAT YOUR ASS.. ON MY COUCH, EATING ALLLLLL MY FOOD AND PLAYED VIDEO GAMES THE WHOLE TIME, had to beg you to cut the grass or do something around the house or PAY ATTENTION TO OUR DAUGHTER! when you played Call of Duty or whatever it was you would freak out if she got in front of the freaking tv!.......But yeah! had to beg you to please make an effort so everyone in my family or friends wouldn't think you were a bum! and it took a year and a half to get you too work including when we first met! note you hated to shower too, had to beg that freaking shit too. AND LETS BUST OUT the fact you had stank ass women, playing phone games on MY PHONE THAT I PAYED FOR, monthly. get your funky A$$ outta here, I am heated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and THANKS FOR LETTING MY DAUGHTER GO TO YOUR GIRLFRIENDS MOTHERS HOUSE FOR THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR! even though you'll be working! what the hell is the point? she should be with ME if you gotta work!!! can I get a DUH? lmao. ugh.
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