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acidtears (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2010 at 7:28pm
You seemed like a really great guy. You were sweet, funny, charming, you did things for me that no one has ever done before. I was really looking forward to you coming back to Michigan. I was looking forward to "us" again. I was really look forward to everything.
But, its funny how things can change so much within a few days. It's no wonder you never called me when you got back. Your girlfriend probably wouldn't like that. I just cannot believe how you raised my hopes so high, you sounded just as happy as me, then I find out you're dating some chick named Leslie. You have no idea how bad this hurts. I have not cried over a guy in such a long time, and yet I find myself doing just that right now. This is why I don't like to let my wall down, for anyone. It never fails. I end up alone, crying, hurt, angry, etc.

And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall...
Pour real life down on me....
Cause I can't hold on, to anything this good....
Enough. Am I good enough for you, to love me too?

So I just want to thank you. Thank you for wasting my time, my emotions, thanks for making me feel hurt and unwanted. Thanks for humiliating me.

P.S.- Fuck you.
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