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squallet (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2011 at 6:45am
Current mood: thoughtful
Music: "Made of Metal" by Dream Evil
Subject: This proper sleeping schedule is weird to me.
So it's 6:47 AM and I'm wide awake.
Why? Because I went to bed at about 7 PM last night.
Wtf is up with that? XD

I'm working on a new playlist.
I've been in a very metal mood lately.
Therefore, for a while, I'll probably put it up here.

There's one more week of winter break left.
I don't know if I'm dreading school or looking forward to it.
I'm looking forward to having something to do during the day.
I'm not looking forward to going back to school for something I don't want to do.

I only have one more semester left until I get this degree.
But after thinking about it, I've decided I want to completely change my career path.
Fucking brilliant, no?
I've been wondering for a while why the hell I'm in a design field.
I'm not that creative.
Yes, I have talent, but my creativity is limited. xD

Also, I have to laugh at my last entry.
I can't believe I actually really fangirled that much. ^ ^;
It turns out he pretty much tries to respond to everyone.
I think that's really awesome of him. :3

I really don't know what else to rant about.
I've kind of given up on the one person I really cared for romantically.
Ok, secretly I haven't, but as far as the rest of the world is concerned, I have.
Sure, I have the perfect little daydream of how I wish things would unfold.
But I'm not really counting on that coming true.

I guess that's the risk you take with having hope.
But what's life without hope, right?
I may seem cynical at times, but the truth is, I'm fairly optimistic.
You have to be in this world.
In truth, I can find the light side in just about the darkest times.
Yeah, I believe in this silly thing called love.
As long as the world has some left, there's always hope. ♥
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