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squallet (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2011 at 2:48am
Current mood: hopeful
Music: "The Lovers Are Losing" by Keane
Subject: I think the music works as a subject... o.o

So, I was pleasantly surprised actually.
He didn't break our plans, and we hung out and had a good time.
I just wish I knew why I came home and still ended up crying. :\
I didn't even want to be home. I just sat in the hallway for a good ten minutes.

I have options, really I do. But none of them interest me.
No matter what, I find my mind wandering back to him.
I guess my heart's made up my mind for me.
Until he's ready, love isn't an option for me.
I'm not the waiting kind, so I wish he could see that that means he's special to me.
As if my opinion matters. x3

Everyone seems to say, "Give it time. He'll come around."
I just wish he'd open up and let me inside like he did before.
At least if he'd talk to me about how he felt, I'd know.
I hate the uncertainty of everything.
Keeping me on edge much?
Jerk. xD

I actually went out afterward with an old friend I haven't seen in YEARS!
We managed to make it downtown and back in less than half an hour. xD
It actually put me in a much better mood too. :P

So here's hoping that things get better with time.
I don't mind the wait; It's the uncertainty that drives me crazy.
But, I guess that's the risk I'm taking.
I hope he's worth it. ♥
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