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squallet (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2011 at 10:59pm
Current mood: hopeful
Music: "In Too Deep" by Sum 41
Subject: "Maybe we're just trying too hard
When really it's closer than it is too far."

Wow. This song came on shuffle on my playlist, and it's amusing how much one song can really change your mood. I mean, I was in a decent mood to begin with, but this one just brought back a bunch of old memories and makes me want to just jump around like a nerd. :3

So. There are so many thoughts bouncing in my head that I'm really not sure where to start. I've gotten rather optimistic again lately. I've given up on toolbags. This means most of my exes. I really thought there was hope for one of them, but he's shown that he's not worth my time or effort. I can't date a child, so grow up or move on. Bottom line.

This brings up a new dilemma. Okay, it's not really a dilemma, but more so amusing. I've never officially "dated" a guy. It's always been that I just got pretty much straight into a relationship with someone I knew from school. So, now I'm "dating", and it's such a new concept to me, but I kind of like it. :)

I met this new guy, who seems pretty cool. He's pretty much an all-out nerd, which is definitely a plus. He seems really genuine and I just get a good vibe from him. Not putting all my hope in anything, but after going for a while without thinking about someone new in that light, it's a nice break. Any guy willing to be an over-the-top dork and pretty much indirectly call me a princess is worth a shot. ^^

Ahem. So, we went on our first... almost-date. I say almost-date because we decided on doing a group thing first since we were both a little nervous about meeting. As much as I hate to admit it, we did meet online, so yeah. >.>;; My friends suck. They had to tease me most of the time about how I thought he was cute. Haha!

After the almost-date was over, I was afraid maybe he didn't have a good time or something, but to my pleasant surprise, he asked if maybe next time we could do something just the two of us. I gladly agreed. I really want to talk a little more one on one and get to know him better. Still waiting to figure out what we're doing next time. :o

And to think... he's not a Pisces. o.o;; Haha!! Yeah, inside joke. I usually tend to be attracted to Pisces men. *shrug*

On an... awkward note... I ran into Mike today. As in my ex Mike. Ha... Yeah. I just have to laugh at that one. I just see this guy walking from the school to the parking lot with black hair and a leather coat. Just as I'm thinking "Hey, that guy seems kind of cool", it hits me. Shit. That's my ex. xD

I tried being nice. Told him hi, said I wished we still talked. He said we could always still be friends and that he hasn't talked any crap about me since the one thing he said that upset me. Pinky swore it. I want to believe him, but who knows. *shrug* Maybe he's capable of being a better friend than he was a boyfriend? Time will tell, I guess.

This reminds me. There are a few people I'd like to write to. I feel like I need to make things right with a few people. At least if I extend my words to them and they don't accept them, I can say I tried. Jim is one of those people. He really was a good person, and deserved better than how I treated him. I don't miss him romantically, but I do miss him as an individual. I don't think we were compatible as a couple, but that doesn't mean he was a bad guy. I was immature and wrong. Hell, I'm still immature, but I'm growing and trying to do better.

Being single has been a good learning experience. I should write a book. "The Single Me" or something. Haha! Single me has hardly had any free alone time lately. My weekends are all spent out with my friends now, weekdays are spent in class and doing work. Having friends makes one kind of broke though. x.x;; It's okay. I still love them. :P

Alright. I think I've ranted enough about new interests, old tools, and my awesome friends. I'm getting too distracted as it is. I have work I need to finish.

This is Squallet, signing off. :)
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