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acidtears (profile) wrote,
on 4-13-2011 at 1:27am
Subject: Found this while watching "1,000 Ways To Die"
Way To Die #247: Eye-Sick-Kill

Date: November 29, 2008

Place: Cedar Springs, MI

The Christmas season at a mall in Cedar Springs, MI, had it's usual Christmas display, and since it was Christmastime, the mall had Santa Claus stationed outside to greet visitors. But this Santa was as naughty as his female helpers were "nice", but you would expect this Santa to be naughty. The rest of the year, he was just an old hippie stoner called "Paul".

As this Santa would do things that would only happen in the privacy of Santa's house in the North Pole, Santa's helper's got tired of the special attention that Santa paid them and made it a point to talk to the mall manager, who then made it a point to give Santa a present, that of getting fired.

But as Santa was walking away after being fired, he looked up and suddenly got a point, that was at the end of an icicle that suddenly dislodged itself from the roof, and went straight into Santa's eye, killing him instanly.

That's funny, usually naughty people get coal for Christmas, but this bad Santa got something "ice" this year...

Medical Dianosis:

The icicle decided to dislodge at that moment, which dropped with enough velocity to actually go through the eye and into the brain and killing Santa, due to brain trauma.

The creation of icicles is a continious cycle: The point of the icicle is formed more quickly than the base, which releases heat every time the icicle freezes. This cycle happens over and over again until the base of the icicle can't hold any more weight and breaks off and falls. The dislodging of icicles off buildings and roofs can prove hazardous and sometimes deadly to pedestrians and drivers due to the speed that a falling icicle can achieve, and icicles have actually killed people, like our unlucky Santa, during wintertime, more times than you can imagine

It's funny cos we don't have a mall, and I never heard anything about this.
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