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squallet (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2011 at 11:53pm
Current mood: hyper
Music: "American Idiot" by Green Day
Subject: I feel like bouncing off the walls!!
That pretty much sums up my mood right now.
Less than a month until commencement.
This last semester has been HELL.

I'm... so tired...
I don't know why.
I slept so much last night... o.o

But I'm no good doing a ton of work if I'm doing it half asleep.
So I think I'll go take a nap and just get up really early...

Getting into a relationship right now...
Probably a dumb idea... xD
Eh, I suppose I'll live.
Besides, he makes me super happy.
And I deserve a little happy.
Damn straight I do.

Here's a list of shit I need to get done relatively soon.

1. Write up blurbs for the map locations for our interactive media class's Cleveland project and email them to B-Church.
2. Discussion board posts and responses for my mass communications class. (yes, I managed to put this class off until my last semester somehow)
3. Minor project for mass communications class on the topic of free press versus fair trial.
4. Concepts for programmers quiz for chapter 10.
5. Discussion board posts and responses for concepts for programmers.
6. A SHIT TON of backed up homework for concepts for programmers. Note to self: NO MORE ONLINE CLASSES. They're way too easy to put off.
7. Final essay for mass communications. Oh joy.
8. Final exam for concepts for programmers.
9. Design new personal portfolio site to match new resume and business cards.
10. Fix up and code Ties to Cleveland website for use in portfolio.
11. Design/code sites for John and Mel for use in portfolio.

I'm probably forgetting something...
There's another minor project and the final exam for mass-comm.
Plus the goddamn media visit to the Rock Hall...
Seriously? Is there really a point? o__o;
I kind of have more important things to use my time for...

Also... I'm getting irritated with trying to plan the portfolio show...
Like... we can't order any of the stuff we need until we get some answers...
So really, we can't do ANYTHING yet... x_x;;
Plus, I need to focus on getting my OWN shit together...
The posters and website are looking awesome so far though...
I know the show will be great once we get to it.
But the stress is... ergh. I can't wait until May 13th is over with. o.o

I haven't even ordered my cosplay for Colossalcon yet...
Neither has Kyle... xD
I'm so excited that we're going as Yuki and Zero from Vampire Knight. :D

Now I just wish more people would pay me some money back...
This is what I get for paying for the entire room deposit... ^^;;
ACK!! I need to get my gown taken in too... I've lost 2 inches... >.>;;
Not complaining, it's a good thing. But still.
My ball-gown pretty much falls off me now. xD

On a random note... I'm meeting Kyle's family this weekend...
I'm kind of nervous about that. D:
Buuut we're also going to the IX Center, so that's a good thing! :)
So, super stressed, but in a good mood.
Thank God for Kyle keeping me partially sane. ^^

Gotta tackle up to number 6 on that to-do list by tomorrow afternoon.
The rest should follow rather easily once I get those done.
I'm actually rather excited about the site designing/programming.

Until then... farewell world! :D
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