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xelferdarkx (profile) wrote,
on 5-12-2011 at 3:29pm
Current mood: blah
Subject: Another day gone.
A lot of mixed feelings lately. A lot of blank days that don't seem very eventful because i haven't put the effort into it. I want to go to Cali, No, I need to go to Cali. I need to get out of this state for a while or maybe even permanently. My days are so repetitive, get on facebook get depressed and annoyed go to work, work my ass off, come home tired and in constant pain from my shoulders and back. Then i come home get on facebook get depressed again and go to bed. Maybe i should stop using facebook for a while so i don't get depressed all the time. But then i would have a huge gap in my life with wondering what is going on. Then again after seeing facebook today i don't really want to get on there right now. It really was just kinda annoying. Well i better start getting ready for work. Have a good day.
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