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arrivistemerkaba (profile) wrote,
on 5-13-2011 at 1:22pm
Current mood: content
Subject: Rah rah fight the powah!
The left side of my mouth is killing me. ._. Boo.

My mood is staying pretty even today, I'm pretty happy about it! As long as no-one tries to talk to me while I'm here I can see myself being pretty content through the day. :3

Yesterday was weird. This guy started talking to me in the library, which I guess is pretty normal, but he was flirting hardcore and it was fun at first it made me feel pretty... but after awhile it was annoying and he was turning into a creeperrrr. I wanted him to stop touching me, but of course I was fucking paralized in a panic attack and all I could do was keep moving away. He wasn't bad looking or anything, just a weird personality. Which was explained when I found out he was 32! Eek! I am not ready for men (or women for that matter) and I'm REALLY not ready for a 32 year old! I told him I just got out of a really serious relationship and wasn't looking for anything.
It didn't faze him, he said if I didn't want anything serious we could just "have fun". Ick, no thankyou. This all happened in like the first 5 minutes, and he hovered around me for like an hour. I should have just left, but I really hoped I would see Joe online...

I miss him, no matter how much I try to convince myself that I want to be mad at him.

Kelsey did come over, we watched Game of Thrones (3-4) and had a grand ol' time. I wish she would have stayed longer but she was tired and I could tell she was hurtin... She really fixed my day yesterday.
She says she's going to try to help fix the hot-tub at my parent's house to try and see if we can shmoose them into letting me stay past monday. Who knows if it will work? I hope so!

I found an old necklace I haven't worn in years, the black one with big black beads. I'm wearing it now, just for fun. Highschool was so long ago!

Lost 8 pounds since I had my teeth removed, I give credit to only being able to eat 1 time a day with my menu consisting of either fruit smoothies or soup.
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