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arrivistemerkaba (profile) wrote,
on 5-15-2011 at 1:03pm
Current mood: embarrassed
Subject: Leveling up with a handycap.
Last night was rad, but I think the universe is punishing me for being happy.

I watched Burlesque and Black Swan with Kelsey last night, they were both great films. I have to admit that I am absolutely obsessed with Burlesque dancing. I might actually look into some videos and learning tapes, because it looks like a great work out and a ton of fun. :3

Black Swan was about how I expected, minus some of the timeline expectations. Otherwise a good film, I'd reccomend it.

Today didn't really start out too promising. I sort of want to just walk away from the Library today and not consern myself with what happens back at the house. I'm not healed, I would likely just make myself more sick... but sometimes I just think it would be better that way.

I dunno, talking to Wes sort of cheers me up, but he's too... cheerful. I get tired of him so quickly. He reminds me of Pat and Cody if they had a gay love child. Full of pride and not alot of subsance. Well no that's not true, I just find him boring. XD

I miss cheesy chicken casarole.
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