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arrivistemerkaba (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2011 at 6:00pm
Current mood: enthralled
Subject: A fevered rise of voices.
Oh evergrowing variety of pills, how frustrating it is to look at you all.

I don't even know what possessed me to come here today, I am tired of being sick... I guess my overwhelming desire to actually have a conversation since people are big fat pussies and won't take a fucking call.
"I'm not a talker."
Bullshit. You want to talk to me, I don't have a computer, you fuckin call. That is how the world works. Want me to send a fucking CROW?!
Ugh, sudden bad mood.

Thinking of going to watch Ben's band play one of these nights when I don't feel like my head is going to shoot lava out both of my ears.
(See: how I feel right this second.)

At least I'm wearing make-up today. I am legit proud of myself.
Go Nee!
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