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xjayk (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2011 at 1:02pm
Well we told Gladys today.

She showed up at our house today which made it soo much easier just to kinda spit it out. She at first was pissed; we didn't tell her sooner. Then she started talking about what we do to our parents will come around to us and then we'll call our parents crying and apologizing for all that we ever did to them...Then started talking about losing the baby (seeing how I wasn't supposed to have kids) it was kind of strange.

Once I assured her that the baby is healthy and we've been doing everything the doctor has said and that we're being closely monitored; she brings up naming the baby after her mom and dislikes our name.

Weird way to start the day. Humiliating really.
Thad and I are over it.
I need to get ready for work but seriously...what a bitch.

Why is it that only my mom was excited about Cactus?
Dad wasn't very excited and neither was Gary...Now Gladys?
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