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arrivistemerkaba (profile) wrote,
on 5-28-2011 at 2:39pm
Current mood: content
Subject: Chubby cheeks.
Yesterday was satisfactory I guess. I feel very unfulfilled.

Ana and I got ahold of eachother, she's in town for Anime Oasis + seeing family, so we got a chance to hang out. I ended up spending most of the evening with her. She's just like I remember, with all of the same problems that she always had.
Maia is a baby that I don't quite hate, but I feel like I could grow to hate quickly. Her face is very huge and she is always angry. Always. She laughed when Ana said "Bullshit". That is the kind of baby she is.

We went to dinner with Jessica and it was a little infuriating. After she just ditched me out of her life and cut all ties she just treated me like we had always talked and been fine. WE ARE NOT FINE. I just wanted to confront her all night but I held it back for the sake of Ana. I know that Ana is a creepy social queen somehow who never makes enemies no matter how rude and horrible she is to them. That is frustrating too.

I missed Ren's nightly call, and it felt a little guilty. I know he's not like... dependant on it and nor am I but it is at least nice to talk to him even if it's just us playing Pokemon and describing our battles together. I would rather be chatting with someone else. :/

Facebook is boring today, everyone is at AO. Bleh.
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