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xjayk (profile) wrote,
on 7-14-2011 at 1:14pm
What a crazy couple of months. Cactus is growing really well and Thaddeus and I have become the normal 'scared to death but excited parents of a fetus' and I dont think we'd have it any other way. Now that its happened I really couldn't even see what we'd be like or what we'd be doing if we weren't nesting and planning all the time. A blessing from God. Going from not being able to carry a child to carrying a very healthy one is...well I cannot possibly describe the feeling. But its great. Friends dont understand, or dont wanna stick around. I'm fine with that. I have more important things to worry about than wether or not someone is there for me. Stay...Go...I dont care.
Thad and I have been planning our babymoon which is going to be awesome! I'm so excited. You know we've had our ups and our downs but none of that matters. Not now anyway. I dont think I've ever had such an admoration for Thaddeus in my life. He's taking care of me, and the baby. And whole heartedly wants to. Not because he has to or its some sort of burden. He wants to. When I'm sick he's right there, when I'm stressed he lets me scream it out. He's everything to me. But we're really not that gushy; we'll just blame it on my unstable hormones today. :)
We're about ready to sit down to some lunch before we return to packing and watching Mars Attacks. I hate moving but at least I wont have to move with a baby. Plus Thads recruiting some of his friends to move the boxes so I dont have to lift. Just unpack.
I'm soo sick of moving its not even funny but we'll be saving money and the baby will be closer to my family so I guess its a plus on that side. Its just hard leaving our dream house. Its everything we wanted a bathroom the size of a bedroom; 3 bedrooms, a laundry room even! Its been amazing here. Its time to start a new chapter of our lives and well...its just time to say goodbye.
Soon enough we'll be saving money going on the best babymoon ever, and really becoming a family. Our own family.
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