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arrivistemerkaba (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2011 at 5:06pm
Current mood: cranky
Subject: Bull shit.
I am debating if I want to keep seeing my shrink, I am tired of him. He never talks to me, all he ever does is have me sit quietly in his office and take written tests. He gave me a HUGE workbook for homework this week, I am fucking tired of it.

He just pawns me off on papers and checks his bank statements. For the entire hour. WHAT AM I PAYING FOR?! Fuck, I am so angry right now.

Not to mention, Joe's just told me he's HAD MY THINGS IN HIS CAR, just hasn't given them to me. Um, excuse me, give me my things Jon- I MEAN JOE. God-damnit. I just want to finish all of this so that when he goes back to never talking to me I can do it without worrying that I'll never get my things back, again.

Nothing good has happened today. I hope that tonight is better.
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