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xjayk (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2011 at 1:59am
I trusted you, although everyone advised me not to.

You lied. Made me out to be the one person in your life that was dragging you down. Tell me about your support system now; please do. Now that its gone. Now that you have betrayed me and I had the mind to sit you down; discuss it and then after an hour of prying you finally confess... I realize now I never needed your confession; I wanted to give you the opportunity; I was almost praying that you'd be upfront and wouldn't lie. But again and again you did and now we're left like this. Such a rift in our relationship.

You've lied to everyone.

I'm so embarrassed.

I know that your still doing it; and I dont want to believe it.

Do you like hurting me...

...better question do you like hurting yourself? Your image?

No one will love you like you so desperately want if you keep up what your doing. Your cheating on someone and you have the nerve to tell them you love them...and then invite your new lover to move into your home. But not until next summer of course.

I wish I knew who you were.

You wont be there when my daughters born any longer. A hard decision but one that had to be made. As a mother have to think about who I'm putting around my daughter and if I cannot trust you after knowing and loving you for soo long; I refuse to let you hurt her. Like you have to the rest of us.

I will forgive you. It will take time to fully do so. But I will

I will; on the other hand. Never forget.

You will never make empty promises any longer, nor will you tear this family apart.

I'm done watching you destroy everything good that comes around you.

You've exhausted me.

I've always wanted the best for you.
You know that.

I still do want you to follow your dreams- and hopefully grow. I'm just...done hoping. Hoping that you'll change. I shouldn't ask you to do that; if this is who you are then I should just accept that.

I could sit here and wait for you to change and compliment you on every single gesture you make...But I have a life I need to move on with. This one unfortunately; without you in it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Life has been stressful the past couple weeks. I'm praying God will intervene and make some sense of this madness.

My husband and I are closer than ever.
I couldn't ask to be blessed with a better man than him.
He is my rock that's for sure.

Oh and some really good news is that I found a church! Finally!!
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