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xjayk (profile) wrote,
on 9-11-2011 at 11:56pm
Out of the dark I heard you; your voice soft but strong.
You have never been a man of many words, but lately what you
say when you think I cant hear you, when you think I've been fast asleep for hours, are the words I hold so close to me.
Last night after checking the nursery one last time, sneaking into
our bedroom and turning off the lights, you slid up next to me whispering in my ear that you loved me. That alone can bring me
to my knees sometimes. As you ran your fingers through my hair (like I've told you not to do 100x over) you leaned in and kissed me on my forhead while telling me you were so blessed to have me as your wife and couldn't be happier about our 'evil spawn'. Marrying that man was the best thing that I ever did for myself.
We're not the lovey dovey type.
Really we're not.
Just at night...when we think the other one is asleep. Thats when
we talk all lovie.
Its so much more intamite.
In public we walk next to one another but I couldn't possibly tell you the last time we kissed in public...if ever. (aside from him dropping me off at work but we're in the car and if people are around forget it)
We're strange.
Old fashioned.
And believe that our love is just that ours.
We dont need to put on a show for people to prove how much we
love one another....No hardcore makeout sessions at Walmart or anything...Thats what kids do these days right? Makeout at walmart?
I digress.
I hate the nights your not home. For some reason when your gone
things dont feel right. Its like I've put my shoes on the wrong
feet. Its just not right.
You and I have our seperate lives with our friends, I see my friends quite frequantly and you have your alone time that you cherish so much. But its when your unuptainable is when it kills me.
Blame it on the pregnancy.
My hormones are all over the place.
Really I'm probably one of the most stable unstable wrecks you've
ever seen.
But for once in my life I feel like even though we've been through
hell and back this year its been the best year for us yet.
Not just because of our daughter, but because of how
both of us stepped up and really worked at our relationship
and stopped reading so far into things.
I'm proud of us.
I'm scared that the stress of the baby may change that.
But Lord I hope and pray it doesn't.
I hope she just brings us closer.

Anyways this really wasn't a nessasary post. I just felt like writing and I dont have microsoft word on my computer; so woohu is the next best thing. No one reads this crapola anywho.
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