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mintbones (profile) wrote,
on 9-19-2011 at 10:23am
Subject: fuck you
you don't love me.
you don't respect me.
you don't actually care about me.
you never really accepted me, and you told me so.

i don't love you.
i don't respect you, though i did in the past and i'd like to again.
i DO care about you, and i have always cared about you and your opinion of me far too much for my own good.
i had no choice but to accept you. and accept everything you forced upon me.

i'm going to gather up my courage and separate myself from you, once and for all. if it means i have one more bill to pay, then whatever. i'm paying off my car this week, anyway, and this bill will be probably 4 times smaller than that one.

i'm not afraid of you. threaten legal action all you want, i know it's empty bluffing and just you throwing a tantrum. you wouldn't win that case in a million years, and you're too much of a fucking cheapskate to even try.

i send that email, i expect you to:

- be completely outraged that i dared say no to you for once [and thus prove my point that all i ever did to you was not straight up say yes to everything you asked, and that was enough to incur all your wrath and abuse over the years]

- throw yourself on the ground kicking and screaming

- guilt trip me for everything you're worth [that should be interesting, seeing you take it up to 11.]

- try very hard to get on the top side of the discussion, and make it look like YOU'RE leaving ME, not being left by me [where again you wouldn't catch yourself proving me right, of course you're the one who's abandoning me. but to make yourself feel better you're dangling a set of golden handcuffs over my head and calling threats and blackmail "helping". fuck you.]
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