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mintbones (profile) wrote,
on 9-19-2011 at 5:29pm
Subject: irony
went to goodwill and went way overboard getting awesomeawesomeawesome winter clothes [my own GOD DAMN SELF, miss too motherfucking cheap to give me $3 for a pair of pants without wanting to write up a god damn contract for exactly how i will pay you back]
and as i was checking out i realized i could only get about half of the sweaters i'd picked up, and a total stranger behind me in line gave me $2 to help me pay for one last sweater
;~~~~~; omg he made my day. i thanked him a gazillion times. and the green turtleneck he helped me buy wil now always make me feel a little more generous when i'm wearing it.

and it's funny how things happen.
because just yesterday in the letter i told her that a complete stranger would be more willing to give me money to help me get clothes to keep warm in winter than she, my mother.
and look what just happened today.
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