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mintbones (profile) wrote,
on 10-29-2011 at 1:03pm
motherFUCK but i am getting sick of this pattern
you know the whole
"i'm not going to actually confront you about something that i feel is a problem, but i'm sure as hell going to go on facebook and bitch about it, and not name your name but still make it VERY OBVIOUS who i'm talking about, and let all my macho big-talking friends threaten to murder you and your pets and shit"

yeah. that needs to stop.
just be "A MAN" as they say and say shit to my face if something needs doing.

and as far as me "not paying what i should be" for rent

YES, you let me rent for hella cheap. i'm ridiculously grateful, considering i don't know how long i'll be in the kind of money i'm in now, but it looks to not be all that long, likely.
but i give you 100% of what i owe you every month. what we agreed upon when i moved in. i AM paying what i should be paying. no, i'm not paying what is fair, but i'm doing my part of the deal. and you're doing yours, by letting me stay here.
i'd totally understand if you raised the price. it'd make tons of sense. idk how long i'd be able to afford it, but i certainly wouldnt hold it against you unless you were doing it specifically because you knew i couldn't afford it to try and force me out without actually kicking me out.

it doesn't even matter anyway, he is constantly talking about kicking the both of us out and not meaning it on there. it's just shitty of him

w/e w/e vent vent vent
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