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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 11-17-2011 at 9:24pm
Current mood: contemplative
Subject: The Living and the Dead
I would like to discuss something that many people, or maybe it is just me, might find themselves wondering at some point.

When we are younger we are told that we all have a "soul mate" or that "ideal person" our perfect match and we grow up with this knowledge and it comforts us to know that we are never truly alone.

Do you think though that it is possible that our "soul mate" lived hundreds or maybe even thousands of years before we even existed? What if that were the case does that mean, then, that we never will know what true love feels like because anyone else we go with will not be our "perfect" piece?

This may sound really sad, but I think it is quite possible to the case and that worries me. I have had one serious relationship in my life time and it was a disaster, I would never think that person was "the one" and I would never, ever think that person would be capable of being someone else's "one".

When rest evades me these types of questions cloud my mind and make for a very broken and restless sleep. I know it is a peculiar thing to worry about, I have spoken to a few people (acquaintances, for instance) and they are of the frame of mind that it is quite possible.

It is kind of sad though is it not? We will never meet that person, unless they haunt us and even then we might still never see, hear or touch their faces... it is a small comfort if they do haunt us but it still means we are destined for never finding our perfect match.

Think about it, though, we see the youth of today and they are obsessed with celebrities, I am sure at some point we are all guilty of having a celebrity crush are we not? But perhaps if that person we were destined to be with was immortalised some how; take the Mona Lisa, some people say they fall in love with her smile, let us take a moment to think of actors and actresses from the early 1920's when films were new and many of us were not around; one of those individuals could be the love of "your" life but you will never be blessed by their presence.

I like to think that my ideal person, if they have indeed passed on, visits me at night when I am asleep, but it is still sad in a way.

Sometimes I think I know exactly who my ideal person is and suffice to say they have indeed passed. Oh well, there is always the next life...

Or do you disagree?
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