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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2011 at 10:19pm
Current mood: aggravated
Subject: When does an "interest" go too far?
Do you ever find yourself too interested in something?

I like to think that I have a broad range of interests and things to keep my entertained but, some people I find raise their eyebrows when I mention some of the things I enjoy.

I collect certain brands of comics, for example, people tend to think "Hmm, are you not a little old for comics?" well, no. Given that comics are WRITTEN and DRAWN by adults there are adult themes and concepts planted in them, I am not saying I read little children's comics, then I would rightly accept people raising their eyebrows at me.

I find it perplexing because I tend to have what I can only describe as a compulsion to be "complete" I dislike having something incomplete. I am currently collecting films performed by a certain actor and, let me tell you, it is quite a challenge. Now THIS sort of hobby leaves people saying that I am "obsessed".

I would not go that far, I mean if I watch several films of the same actor and each film gives me equal if not more enjoyment than the last then it is most likely I am going to want to watch more of their films is it not?

I try to keep my interests and hobbies in the region of things that would be deemed "acceptable" I have some acquaintances whom are into very colourful and rather, in my opinion, disturbing interests but to each their own.

I would hate to think people find my interests in comics weird, and I would hate it more so if people thought I was obsessed because I collect films of a certain actor/actress who intrigues me. I only stop collecting when I find that I have completed the collection of the films are progressively getting worse.

So I would say I have a healthy interest in collecting films (and hey at least I am shelling out money to collect the films in the first place!) because it is not doing anyone any harm and it is helping the film industry, correct?

It is different if I was pirating all these films and not paying my due to the actors and the film makers... granted most of them are dead but I assume the film companies and the actors' families receive some form of payment?

Maybe I am an optimist but I like to pay for old films because I believe they are well worth the investment and the time, I find I have less and less patience for newer films because it is mostly CGI "cash-cow" milking (think; Twilight: The Pointless Saga), the sets are shoddy and the special effects are entirely computer generated, the stories are flimsy at best and the whole thing is stretched out to make an incredibly dull saga and there is no real content and the actors have no real "motivation" or belief in what they are portraying. It is lazy, that is what it is!

It disappoints me so, especially now that I have been spoiled by watching old classics! The sets are elaborate and, dare I say, beautiful, the acting (whilst the dialogue might be cheesy) is convincing, intense and captivating, the stories are more interesting and thought provoking and yes, the special effects might be dire but they do not detract from the story in anyway and often times I find myself more unsettled by what I "do not" see on the screen than what I "do" see.

Maybe that is just me, but I love having my mind work over time and scare me into submission over the things I did not see only the noises I heard or the hint that the film allowed me to glimpse, as opposed to having blood, guts and gore thrown into my eye sockets. Things were tastefully done back then, not now. It is all cheap tricks and disappointments in my opinion.


On a slightly apropos topic I keep finding myself having a recurring dream. In this dream I am given the ability to go back in time and return to my current time ONCE, I accept this and I go back in time find myself in a park (I believe it is) and find a man in the park staggering around in a drug-induced haze, I take this man back to (I assume) his house, look after him over night whilst he goes through a dreadful "trip" or come down and then I fall asleep at his bed side.

I do not want to pretend or begin to try and dissect what any of this means as I am no expert on translating the sub-conscious' story telling into an understandable text for myself. However, if anyone reading this can provide me a bit of assistance know that I will be most grateful.
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