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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2011 at 8:06pm
Current mood: anxious
Subject: My Memories Awaken
When you see something "wrong" and you know it is wrong happening, do you let it happen and just walk away or do you involve yourself in the situation?

I confess that sometimes, depending on what it is, I will sit back but there are some situations were I find I HAVE to involve myself, I intercepted and reported a person for doing something REALLY wrong and I actually got results for it, I was thanked for doing my bit to protect society and for once in my life I felt proud of myself for what I did.


In other news, I find myself becoming more and more short tempered, I do not know if this is something that comes with age, but I am very short tempered and impatient when it comes to my colleagues at work, I am not in a high powered job and I do not have any power in said job, the boss respects me a whole lot though and wishes that I would apply myself for a managerial role, but I refuse to as I dislike the company, what it stands for and really am only there as a means to an end, in the hope of finding something better soon. Whilst the boss is a nice person, he is not a great manager and tries too hard to be everyone's friend at the sacrifice of his own power and respect, no one respects or fears him and I find people are more likely to listen to me than to him. That says something does it not?

For as intimidating as I am, and as quiet as I am, I do have people come to me and double check things and confirm things with me. Hell sometimes I have the boss coming to me and asking for an opinion on a managerial issue that is of no concern nor business of mine. It is bewildering that I am treated this way.


Another thought (forgive me, my mind is all over the place right now): in the UK there is a public service strike tomorrow, that is basically all the people who work in the public service (civil servants, teachers, librarians, council workers etc.) are all going on strike because they believe they are not being paid enough.

Now correct me if I am wrong but the private sector isn't exactly rolling in piles of money and showering in golden coins! In fact the private sector is struggling a whole lot, but they accept the warnings the government provided when they said "we are all going to be hit hard and struggle during this recession!" what makes the public sector think they are more entitled than the private? The private sector has took a MASSIVE hit due to the economic collapse, everyone has had to rally together and accept this shortage of money is not going to magically fix itself. Why are the public sector suddenly thinking they are better and deserve even more money? No one else is grumbling that they are not getting paid enough, well not to the point of striking, it's a little obnoxious is it not.

The public sector works hard, sure, but so do the private sector! One is not more important or privileged than the other at a time like this should we not all be cooperating and accepting that everyone has to make sacrifices instead of... for lack of a better term, throwing a tantrum?

I just do not see what this accomplishes. We should work together. Not be at opposite ends. The government is TRYING (both trying mentally, but trying physically) to fix the recession, give them peace, this does not help.
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