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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 12-4-2011 at 5:30pm
Current mood: drained
Subject: This Time of Year
This time of year is horrible. Christmas has lost what it used to be about, and that is quite a depressing piece of knowledge. There are people out there who are as religious as they come but cannot obey the simple ideal of Christmas being a time to "give" and "love" and "forgive"... it's bizarre. Yet there are atheists and agnostics doing a better job at the Christian season of love than the religious types.

This is why I think most religion, more so organised religion, is a farce! These people tell us all how we will go to hell or our souls will rot for not believing and doing exactly what THEY do yet, they are some of the most closed-minded, unforgiving people ever.

I have had friends in the past from both sides of the religious spectrum and it seems my non-religious friends are the nicer of the bunch and a whole lot less forceful about the nature of the topic.

I believe that when the magic leaves Christmas when you are a child, you tend not to look at the time of year with the same wonder, add to that children are unbelievably spoiled these days and have their parents going into thousands of pounds/dollars worth of debt to get their child everything, how on earth does that teach a child the value of something if they get everything they want when they pretend to cry and sob about it?

I was never spoiled as a child, I had realistic wish lists back then and I was raised with religious and the commercial aspect, but the factors of Christmas always remained the same; love, peace, forgiveness and harmony. We never had much in the material sense but we had plenty of love and that was what mattered. Everything seems so convoluted now though, everyone is obsessed with getting ridiculously expensive things that mean nothing.

Society is so corrupted, sometimes I really do think I was born in the wrong time period...
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