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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2011 at 7:45pm
Current mood: hopeful
Subject: The Economy / People
Is the economy not a real mess right now? All I ever see on the news is that joblessness is increasing, companies are collapsing in on themselves, the government is sinking into a pit of its own corruption and the people within the country are depressed and uneasy.

It is a time of great uncertainty and since I have graduated and joined the "real world" I find it is quite a depressing world to be in. Here I am with qualifications up to my eyeballs and a brain muscle that rarely gets to flex and prove its worth because my current job is a moronic retail job...

Now do not mistake me when I say this, as much as I loathe and detest my work and 99% of my colleagues, I am very grateful to be a member of the working force as opposed to the unemployed army.

I look, apply and browse jobs on a daily basis (more or less) and I have noticed the jobs are becoming more and more scarce, it is very worrying. More so because I truly do not want to be stuck working for a company that does nothing but blame the little person for their mistakes, give little to no hours and threaten to close us at the drop of a hat and still expect us to bounce around practically beaming at every customer who so much as looks in our doorway.

It is ridiculous. I do not know what the government is intending on doing but I hope they actually do something because it is becoming a joke and the more people are out there unemployed the harder it will be to keep afloat.


On to another topic, what are our opinions on internet dating? It seemed that a few years ago if you said you were on a dating website you would be greeted with a cocked eyebrow and a sneer, it now seems completely acceptable (well from the way people talk and the sheer amount of websites there are) to do online dating...

Is this down to, of course, the obsession with FaceBook, Twitter, smart phones all keeping us constantly connected to one another's lives? Do people not find this obsession with "connectedness" to be a little bit unnerving?

I am not a member on any social networking websites and I tried it once when I was back at university but I did not really see the point and purpose of sharing every little detail of your life and drama so I dropped off the "interface" of the digital world shall we say? And I have not looked back, however it seems that thanks to the internet the line between "offline" and "online" has been completely blurred to the point, long distance relationships are perfectly acceptable now, people no longer think it is weird to be on dating sites... Naturally the internet is still full of very scary individuals but, if you stick to general safety rules and common sense it is very easy to make friends with some truly wonderful people, right?
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