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mintbones (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2011 at 10:03am
Subject: been a while
things that have changed;

> my keyboard is now handicapped and will no longer type n or m on its own.
> the passive-aggressive bullshit blossomed into serious drama and eventually it got to where i had friends spending the night to protect my safety and in the end, police were called.
> my closest friend has fallen for someone who was basically a stranger from the internet. i like him a lot but i am extremely wary and slow to trust him, no matter how sweet and calm and intelligent and softspoken he is. when you have known each other for a week and you go looking at wedding rings... you make me nervous. both of you.
> in three or four days i am leaving this place and going somewhere else. temporarily. for a month or two. it is over 20 miles from my work, but it is a safe place.
> after this short stint, i will be renting an apartment with the two aforementioned people. hopefully that will go well. i'm sick of living in a place for only a few months at a time.
> about a week ago, a corner of my right big toe went spontaneously, inexplicably numb. the feeling has yet to come back. i hope it will eventually.

pretty stressful, but it all follows the pattern that has been this year. the hardest and most successful year of my life. being put to the test, and passing the test. every. single. time.
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