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cherrytwiggy (profile) wrote,
on 5-27-2012 at 6:35pm
My life is going to drastically change in more than one way soon. David isnt supposed to know it, but they interviewed someone to take his position, meaning he is most likely getting the super early first shift position in produce that he asked for. Alot of those shifts start at four am! Its going to be so strange having him home at night. It will be really great for when the baby is here so that he can actually spend time with her. I feel like I'm getting nowhere getting the house ready for the baby. Every time I feel like I've met a milestone, I feel sick for a few days or we get really busy and everything goes to hell. I have six days to get the baby's room ready for bringing home baby shower stuff, and I have a carload of baby stuff as it is sitting in the driveway. My friends Tristan and Brandon were extremely generous and gave me a matching carseat with two bases and stroller, Jeep walker, activity table, a little rocking seat thing, and then soon they are bringing me a pack and play, a boppy, and one of those bottle drying racks that looks like fake grass. We have been extremely blessed with the amount of help we are getting for the baby. I also brought home a GARBAGE BAG half full of super nice maternity clothes that will actually FIT for four dollars from a garage sale today. I know I only have six weeks to go, but being in tears trying to find something that isnt too tight or too short has been really frustrating. Once I'm done in the baby's room, it is most likely going to be the coolest room in the house. I'm a little jealous ;). I have curtains to make for my bedroom before the baby gets here too... so many projects that need to be done asap.... I'm sure I wont have time for any of the stupid little stuff like making curtains for at least five years.
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