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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 6-7-2012 at 6:03pm
Current mood: infuriated
Subject: I Spoke Too Soon...
When I said previously I would be posting here next time something annoyed me I did not think it would be so soon...


I confess I think that everyone in the world is a racist, or even just a little bit, some are blatant, some are not. Who is worse? I could not say or care. I know that I am certainly a little racist but it seems I am only against one certain race, I am not going to say what race as that gives too much away about me.

However, in my place of employment I sit beside an out and proud racist and we are surrounded on all sides by people of the race we both seem to hate very much. It is frustrating because I have never had a good experience with this race of people, hence my bias against them, they are rude and ignorant and every day I am sitting around them at work I realise how right I am. I have been friendly and courteous towards them, polite and everything and still they shun me and don't think I am good enough to speak to them.

Makes me wonder if perhaps they, too, are racist towards my race?

It is just becoming too much and since I've been alone recently as my colleague has been away from work on a business venture I have had no one to make me feel less racist around so I am spilling over with nasty thoughts and I don't like that about myself.

I need to try and stop it. I know people say "Deal with racism by not being racist!"... well... it does not work that way, if you have a bias or prejudice that is difficult to shift and people keep proving you right about it. It just becomes solidified in your mind and right now I am waiting to be proven wrong.

Sigh. Oh how I would love for them to surprise me, but chances are they won't.
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