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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 8-11-2012 at 7:59am
Current mood: crushed
Subject: Underhandedness
I do not like being treated unfairly.

The person I have, "fallen for", likes to treat people unfairly. They will sit around all day ignoring you, rolling their eyes if you breathe too loudly or if someone else nearby finds your stupid joke hilarious this person will look at you with such disdain and scorn it is rather painful.

When they went on holiday I felt like a weight was lifted and it would have been nice to have a bit of peace from them, then it is funny is it not that when you know you will not see them again you feel crushed by that absence like an anvil on your chest?

Yesterday at work we were all told, rather bluntly you were either changing shift, or floor. The workplace had put me into a shift pattern that does not suit my lifestyle at all. I argued about this and whilst my anxiety flared like a mad person I was coherent enough to get my point across.

I got kept on my original shift, but at what cost? Well, everyone else I work with has been moved on to another floor, this includes the person I am in love with. I was gutted. Do not mistake me I still am gutted. I may never see this person again now... the small comfort I am taking from it is that maybe now that I am not their underling and we are equals they might want to consider going out with me on a date rather than using the phrase "I cannot I am your leader!"...

We will see how I survive change (which is never very well at the best of times) on Monday.... =sigh=
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