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chuchitaaa (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2012 at 4:12pm
Current mood: loved
Music: one tree hill.
Subject: our love story...
i was 15. it was my sister's birthday on january 23rd , 2005. my sisters and i went to the mall. and i saw a guy - a familiar face. some one who had gym the same period i did - but was in a different class. i was in line at sbarro's and i looked over and saw him , the most gorgeous man i had ever seen. i smiled and waved at him, and smiled and waved back. the next day ; i was determined to get his attention. i put on some small cheerleader shorts in gym class and went over and spoke to him . i asked him if it was him from the mall the day before ... he said yes , & then in the middle of his sentence i walked away. so that way he'd have to speak to me. we then started talking in between classes and on january 28th 2005, he kissed me for the first time. he walked me to each class and kissed me at each class. then on the way to our buses - i asked him if he was my boyfriend. and he said "well, we kissed didn't we?" and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. it was so moody but adorable. i loved it - of course i said yes. and we started our love story.

we dated & fell in love. he was 2 years and 2 days older. he was a senior and i was a freshmen. & then on his 18th birthday sep.21 2005 - his parents told him i was too young & that he had to break up with me. he was allowed to see me one last time - for my birthday party and that's it. we decided it wasn't enough and it wasn't fair. - & so, eventually my family went to pick him up & he moved in. his father then called his mother in georgia. she told bryce that she was sending some one to get him and he is moving back to georgia. bryce ; had one week left with me. and then he moved to georgia on october 1st 2005. we tried to make it work - we broke up several times and on january 20th 2006 ; he dumped me.. for good. he then started messing around and dating other girls, but every day he would tell me he loved me and couldn't wait for us to be together. he even dated a girl and moved in with her- fell in love with her. but , he would continuously call me. eventually on christmas of 2006, he told me not to call - or to tell him i loved him because he was in love with her & he was done with me... i was devastated.

we barely talked for the next few years. only texted every now and again - talked on the phone occasionally. if he loved her - i was going to let him be in love and be happy ; even if it wasn't with me.

in 2007 , i met another guy .. we began talking and hanging out . he seemed like a good guy . we had our moments where we would stop talking but then we would go back to it. in june of 2008 , i received a phone call from bryce. he told me he was moving back to florida . i was so excited, i asked im about getting back together & he basically said "No." it broke my heart. i called new boy & cried . eventually bryce moved back ; i went to his job & i saw him. he wanted to hold me ; & i told him i had a boyfriend.. i didn't , yet. but i was still heart broken because he turned me down ... more than once.


me & new boy dated for a little over 3 years... it started off good but we fell out of love at some point. i kept thinking about bryce and wanting to be with him... but while i was with new boy.. bryce dated another girl... & got her pregnant. i found out and i cried.. for a few weeks.. it was so bad. & my boyfriend at the time did not know why. i KNEW i should've been that girl & we should have had the baby together. but; i let it go and continued my life with new boy. it was an unhappy life - and after a few years of dating... i texted bryce.


we texted and we talked on the phone. he told me he was still in love with me ; & i never been happier. on Thanksgiving day 2011 i found out new boy had been cheating on me . and i was relieved. i was going to break up with him that day & he made it so much easier. i went to our house and got all my things and left. i called bryce and told him. and we were so happy.


on November 25th 2011 ; he came over and we spent some quality time together. he kissed me goodnight and , it took me all the way back to 2005 . we started talking again and i fell in love all over again. WE fell in love all over again. on march 7th 2012 we moved in together. on may 3rd we made it official... we were back together. on august 31st 2012 ; he proposed and on september 7th 2012 i made the smart decision i ever made... i married the man of my dreams. my first love <3 Bryce .
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