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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 1-29-2013 at 6:15pm
Current mood: silly
Subject: Code
You know what I find amusing?

People watching.

Today in work I am in a prime position to people watch. My boss is a wonderful person to people watch because they are incredibly animated and their eyes and face give everything they are thinking away.

They often admires the "atypically" beautiful people and it is so obvious when they do it. No one else seems to notice, but because I pride myself on my observant ways I see it.

Today, imagine my surprise when I catch my boss window shopping at me!

Well I was bowled over, of course, but I was also a little bit unsettled by the fact that they saw that I saw them looking at me hungrily (as one does) and yet, did it stop the boss? No.

They kept staring at my 'goods'.

Good grief, I often think there should be an unwritten code of ethics that when someone is caught staring you admit you like what you see or you shyly apologise, instead of just blatantly continuing to stare...
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