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spinder (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2013 at 8:45pm
I'm beginning to think that what you give up on in life is far more defining than what you acquire, or what you have lost.

What you acquire is rarely tied to any rational explanation. What you lose is even more random. What we give up intentionally is perhaps the one choice we can say is our own. Less influenced by things outside of our intentions.

I imagine we mostly lump giving up on a thing with a loss of a thing. Perhaps I'm splitting hairs best left whole, perhaps not. Its interesting to look at things from my life and decide which was which. What did I cast aside, and what has life cast aside without my input?

Sometimes life removes something important and you realize just how long its been since you cast it aside with disinterest and apathy. Even if the day before you wouldn't have described it in such a way.

Family is like that. You get a call and the word "cancer" makes you think about how little you've kept in touch.
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