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srsbsnsrunner (profile) wrote,
on 9-8-2013 at 7:04pm
Subject: We always come back.
It's been a long time woohu, but I'm back. Not under any of my old aliases because those have been long forgotten. I'm not that girl anymore, I have more grown-up mature problems now. I've tried over the past year or so to blog via blogger, livejournal, xanga, you name it, I've tried to pour my feelings out into it. I thought about blogging again and then I remembered this place, it feels so old and familiar. Like I can literally let everything out here and no one will find it. No one will notice it. I can be at peace with myself and with what I put online. Maybe it's because I'm familiar with this place, maybe that's why I feel safe.
But anyway, point being, I need a place to sort all of this stuff out. I need a place of calm and quiet in my crazy day to day life. So here I am, back again.
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