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kinkyrose1212 (profile) wrote,
on 10-29-2013 at 2:00pm
Current mood: Oh, Christ
Evaluations are going on in TCU right now and they are ripping some poor fucker apart in there. "WHY. AREN'T. YOU. WORKING? You're not doing anything! If I'm not on your ass...How old are you? Twenty-one years old and you've never had a job..." I recognize that this is TCU's "tough love" stance on things, but God damn. Which actually leads into the next thing I want to bitch about quite nicely. The new instructor (who I don't really have to deal with much because I am not in class anymore) is apparently incredibly lazy. Let me point out, first of all, that she can call me in "my" office and often does, apparently accidentally as she hangs up after the first ring. But on Friday, she sent a student out of the classroom to ask me to go see her. When I got there, she asked me to get her her lunch box out of the refridgerator. She sent someone to get me so she could send me to get her lunch box. Because she didn't want to walk the 100 or so feet and get it herself. I hate people.
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