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kinkyrose1212 (profile) wrote,
on 11-15-2013 at 9:43am
Current mood: bouncy
Subject: GGEEE!!!
This has been an awesome Friday so far! I helped out a friend, although she may or may not see it has "help," it was a sort of intervention, because she is in a God-awful unhealthy relationship. I'd knee that guy in the balls if I wouldn't get teminated for it. Then I spent the morning helping to decorate TCU for Christmas, which is making me really excited for the holidays, even though it looks like I'll be spending all of them here. See, Tyler and I applied for this job through Job Corps working events and it had been so long and they were only accepting twenty people, so we had given up hope of getting it. But it looks like we both got it. So yeah, we'll have to stay here and work the holidays, but we'll have each other and we're going to have our own little Christmas. The job pays really well, too, so woohoo! While we were decorating TCU, a bunch of students came in with a speaker and a laptop and started loudly serenading the building with "Lean On Me." I was going to confront them, but they just swarmed on me and Ms. Witchoski came out, anyway, and essentially told them to shut up and get the hell out. It was pretty funny, though, it brightened my morning. Lastly, there is a bowling trip for the 600 Club, which I really shouldn't even be a part of given that I'm in TCU, but I qualify, so fuck it, and I didn't think Ms. Witchoski would approve of me going because it's not an appropriate reason to not be here, but she actually said it's fine! Happy Friday!!!
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