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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2013 at 8:29pm
I am watching a SVU episode on a college rape...

I almost feel it's what happened to me... The way that you are hounded after being raped.. It's unreal.. They make you out to be the bad guy...
Yeah. I lied about A LOT of things.. I was NOT a good person.. I was out drinking with John that night at the fraternity grab-a-date.. but I did NOT ask to get raped. I didn't do anything that would make him rape me.. He did it on his own..

The private investigators... everything... It was HORRIBLE! They called everyone and anyone.. They don't go to the people who know you well.. they go to the people that despise you.. They go to the people who hate your guts and called you a slut through high school. They go to the people whose boyfriends I've slept with, or lied about being pregnant to.

Some things I said, which I should have never said, were true.. back in high school.. I really did have to get part of my cervix removed from abnormal cells from hpv.. I had stage "0" of cervical cancer.. I just made it out to be worse than it actually was..

I really was pregnant once.. but I miscarried. I was NOT safe in high school.. not that I am any safer now with Tony..

Today is my 25th birthday and I still go back to this.. go back to thinking these things...
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