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kinkyrose1212 (profile) wrote,
on 1-6-2014 at 5:03pm
Current mood: content
Back in DC after a week of being home. It was a crazy fucking break, I'll just say that. So much fun, such a feeling of freedom, driving, smoking, hanging out, and having some time to myself from my boyfriend. I have to figure out what to do with him. I love him, a lot, it's just...constricting. And after a taste of my former free-loving hippie lifestyle, I want more. Why not join a love triangle? Why not make it a love quadrangle? That would never work, I'm sure of it, but hey, no harm in suggesting it when I figure out how to go about having this conversation. My two best friends want me to live with them and I would love that SO much! Especially compared to staying in the DC area. This place depresses me and makes me sick, I CAN'T DO IT. If I am going to be paying to live somewhere, you're damn right it's going to be somewhere I WANT to live. So we'll see what happens. Tune in next time for more of my Adventures in DC Land.
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