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kinkyrose1212 (profile) wrote,
on 1-30-2014 at 2:38pm
Current mood: amused
Subject: A bunch of crap that might bore you
I'm the man in the box. Actually the girl in the box, but close enough. I don't want to be in this little office right now, but the receptionist is out and since I've been trained in here, I am covering. I wanted to be in office communications class, where one of my non-lovers is. The other non-lover is in keyboarding class, the class I am actually scheduled to be in right now. Since I am done in keyboarding (and office communications, actually), it doesn't matter where I am. But the non-lover in OC makes for better eye candy, which is as far as anything will ever go because I am dating my future husband, so this time, not cheating really is necessary. For the most part I excel at being a girlfriend, but I am somewhat crappy at monogamy. I become attracted to people or there are people I've had previous sexual encounters with and it just becomes difficult to keep my metaphorical dick in my pants. In other news, I feel like getting all kinds of fucked up and disappearing into some tropical fantasy land for a while, but as real life has finally struck me as worthwhile, I shall have to satisfy myself by feasting on my imagination.
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