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srsbsnsrunner (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2014 at 7:55am
Subject: what may come
I did not fall asleep until 4AM this morning, thanks to eating a shit ton of bad food last night for dinner.

But I awoke having the most profound dream I have ever had. I am speechless about it.

I dreamt I was going back to high school after having graduated college and everything. I went back and saw people whom I knew but didn't recognize me. The classes I had were easy and I was happy with them. Except when I got to my math class. It was a logic class taught by one of my current coworkers, a PT whom I look up to and admire. I remember walking into the classroom that wasn't even a class room, just a small room with a treatment table of all things, a projector and a whiteboard.
I walked in, looked at the logic equation on the whiteboard and told the teacher I'm not doing this, I'm transferring into another math class, I've taken two semesters of calculus, I'm better than this. She looked at me and said, so you're saying I can't teach you something new? That you're better than this? I'm really offended.
Then she turned on the projector and it was a movie, of some Olympic sport, we were watching a famous athlete row it looked like. Except he had to get in the boat really quickly and put it into the water just as quickly. My teacher then asked me and the other two students in the class, did anyone else see him hesitate? Why was he hesitating? He shouldn't hesitate. I told her I hesitate sometimes, during triathlons, when I have to jump into the water or when I have to start running again after taking a walk break through an aide station. She then asked me what's the point of hesitating? Why not accept the challenge and just go?
So then I told her I'd be more than happy to take her class and accept the challenge.

I literally bolted up out of bed after having that dream.
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