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kinkyrose1212 (profile) wrote,
on 3-4-2014 at 2:48pm
Subject: Ways To Kill Time At Work
85 Things you Didn't Know About Yourself
Created by housenut and taken 158 times on Bzoink
Name:: Laura
Age:: 25
Eye Color:: Green
Hair Color:: Blonde
Height:: 5'5"
Weight:: 200lbs.
Movie:: Thirteen
Color:: Black
Type of Music:: Techno
Band:: Sabrepulse
Singer:: Chad Kroeger
Number:: 13
Letter:: S
Book:: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Food:: Pizza
*~*~*Have You Ever?*~*~*
Drank:: Yes
Smoked:: Yes
Done drugs:: Yes
Kissed someone of the opposite sex:: Yes
Kissed someone of the same sex:: Yes
Had sex:: Yes
Had a car accident:: Yes
Had a seizure:: Yes
Broken a bone:: Yes
Been hospitalized:: Yes
Been to another city:: Yes
Been to another state:: Yes
Been to another country:: Yes
Been to another continent:: No
Been beaten up:: No
Beaten up someone else:: No
Cut yourself:: Yes
Attempted suicide:: No
Been arrested:: No
Do you have a crush:: No
What is his/her name:: None
Are you single or taken:: Taken
Are you in love:: Yes
Longest relationship:: Five years
Shortest relationship:: Seven hours
*~*~*This or That*~*~*
Black or white:: White
Up or Down:: Up
Life or Death:: Life
Guy or Girl:: Guy
Ice cream or cake:: Ice cream
Rock or rap:: Rock
Pop or country:: Country
Evanescence or Weird Al:: Evanescence
Avril Lavigne or Nelly:: Avril Lavigne
Hot or cold:: Hot
Strangled or shot:: Shot
Drive or walk:: Drive
Alone or with others:: Alone
Reading or writing:: Reading
Math or science:: Science
Question or answer:: Question
Lost or found:: Found
Dark or light:: Dark
Blind or deaf:: Blind
*~*~*The Last*~*~*
Thing you said:: Wednesday works better for her
Shoes you wore:: L.L. Bean snow boots
Food you ate:: Green apple candy
Thing you drank:: Water
Person you said hi to:: Taylor
Person you said bye to:: Security Guard
Time you looked at the clock:: 30 seconds ago
Mood:: Defeated
Music you're listening to:: Sabrepulse
Shoes you're wearing:: New Balance Sneakers
Book you're reading:: I Hunt Killers
*~*~*Finish the Quote*~*~*
I wish I were...:: tripping
My heart is...:: torn
The glass is...:: half full
People just need...:: to shut the fuck up
The world is...:: an interesting place
To be or...:: not to be
Laughter is...:: the very best medicine
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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