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luckyloser (profile) wrote,
on 3-6-2003 at 5:36pm
Current mood: Divine
Music: Seether
Subject: heehee
Hey you! How have you been?
I'm just dandy! I had one of those good days again. I haven't written in a while so I'll have to bring you up to speed. I play in concert band now. I got some new friends outta that, so its cool. Band is so fun.
Also I\'m on the golf team now. I never really played before and it seems kinda dorky but I went to the pre-season practices and its actually a lot of fun. I got a puppy, too. she\'s so stupid, but cute, ya know how puppies are. she\'s a rotweiler so i\'m training it to bite and hate people which seems mean but it\'s really not.
oh! for health, my sex-ed partner is Josh jones and he is kinda weird. He wants to name our kids (for the project)Jebediah and Muhammed. what do you think of that? I like the name Eathen. and Ryan. So i don\'t know what we\'re gonna do. that\'s not really important but its kinda funny so i htought you\'d like it. I had fun at the band festival today. We got all 2s (1s are the best you can get) so we did alright. it was just, a good day. Oh and I dyed and cut my hair last weekend, but I did a crappy job so it looks like shit. Purplish shit. heehee.
And I have really been enjoying annoying peopple lately. What really gets to them is the blurting out of random words. Like pink. and egyptians. Kind of surprising. I thought the talking in thrid person like a crazy person would be more effective, butno. Nonethe less its fun. funfunfun. that\'s all that matters. yesyes. Lisa is cold now so we\'re gonna go now and talk to you later. bye. bye.
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