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kinkyrose1212 (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2014 at 10:11am
Current mood: pissed off
Subject: Some More
Oh yeah. And if you're not fond of unintelligent rap music, which typically consists of getting intoxicated in some manner, sex, and the same things over and over again spoken in the least imaginative intelligent ways possible, then you'd better come prepared with some noise-cancelling headphones and a loud MP3 player. And you'd better get some heavy duty ear plugs if you don't want your sleep interrupted by RAs and student "dorm leaders" busting into your room whenever the hell they feel like it, the stupid, obnoxious black bitches screaming up and down the hallway at all hours of the night because they love attention and think they're cute, or any one of your three roommates' phones going off all fucking note or them screaming in fight on the phone with their significant other or with whomever, sometimes someone in the room, and don't feel like getting bullied, your shit getting stolen, people fucking with you every day, don't ever come here. Also if you don't want to become a racist. I've become a selective racist since I got here and I can't even find it within me to feel bad about that, anymore. Especially since I'm discriminated against for being white! FUCK IT ALL
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