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kinkyrose1212 (profile) wrote,
on 4-1-2014 at 9:17am
Current mood: happy
Subject: I am so happy!
It turns out that life can be just as trippy when you're stone-cold sober as when you're on drugs. Before, things would happen and I couldn't believe they were real because I was doing so much cough medicine. Now I can't believe things because I never would have thought they could happen to me. I moved down to Washington DC. It ended up being an extremely disappointing place, and I will be wishing it good riddance as I fly away from it for the last time, but I still lived in DC for a year, without my parents. That's huge. I worked directing traffic and for Amtrak. I found an amazing boyfriend, the youngest guy I've ever dated but the absolute best, the only one who's been a real man. My parents like him and even my FATHER is impressed by him, and they haven't even met him yet! Yesterday he signed his contract with the Marine Corps. I am dating a member of the US Marine Corps. How trippy is that?! And at the end of May, we are kissing Job Corps and DC good bye forever and moving in with my parents up in New Hampshire. Home sweet home with my love! SO EXCITED! This will make every Job Corps day a little easier to deal with, because it will all be over soon!
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